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No Win No FEE!

As your No Win No Fee* lawyers in Perth and WA, we’ll fight for your compensation entitlements.  

*Conditions apply 

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Our No Win No Fee* legal services

For over 40 years, Stephen Browne Personal Injury Lawyers have fought for our clients’ access to compensation and justice. We are reputable and widely recognised for our commitment to ensuring you receive the compensation you’re entitled to.  

Our No Win No Fee* lawyers in Perth and WA can help you with personal injury claims if you’re eligible for compensation for injuries sustained: 

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What does No Win No Fee* lawyers mean?

Our team at Stephen Browne Personal Injury Lawyers are passionate about ensuring access to justice for everyone, no matter their background or financial situation. This is what drives our No Win No Fee* lawyers. 

Put simply, No Win No Fee* (sometimes called No Win No Pay lawyers ) means that we will only charge you legal fees if we win your case and you receive compensation or damages for your injuries. 

To avoid any confusion or misunderstanding, your No Win No Fee* lawyer will walk you through the terms and conditions of our No Win No Fee* agreement, so you know:  

  • An estimate of our legal costs that could be incurred in your case, how they’re calculated and how they’re paid 
  • Anticipated outlays or disbursements for your case 
  • What is a successful and unsuccessful No Win No Fee* case 

Terms and Conditions of No Win No Fee Guarantee

There are some terms and conditions to the no win no fee guarantee, such as identifying the legitimacy of the claim made by the victim suffering personal injury and where and when the personal injury took place. The guarantee is also subject to Stephen Browne Personal Injury Lawyer’s specified terms. To discuss your claim or to outline the no win no fee lawyer guarantee, feel free to call us today.

Your experienced No Win No Fee* lawyers in Perth and WA

Our team at Stephen Browne Personal Injury Lawyers have years of experience and expertise. Our No Win No Fee* lawyers in Perth and WA settle over 99% of compensation cases without the need for a trial. We’ll be upfront with you, advise, guide and support you to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. 

No Win No Fee* lawyer doesn’t mean 

No Win No Fee* lawyers doesn’t mean free (or pro bono) legal representation, no matter the outcome. 

What fees do you pay in a successful No Win No Fee* case? 

If we win your case and you receive compensation or damages, the insurer will often make a contribution to your legal fees in addition. You will pay the remaining balance of the agreed costs and disbursements associated with running your case. This amount is determined by our No Win No Fee* costs agreement that we’ll walk you through prior to signing. 

Costs will vary, depending on a few things such as: 

  • The complexity of your case 
  • The actual legal work done and time spent on your case 
  • The outlays or disbursements associated with your case (see below) 
  • Whether it goes to trial or settles prior to trial 
  • The amount of compensation or damages you receive 
  • Any contribution made by the insurer or defendant in addition to your compensation 

The term ‘outlays or disbursements’ mentioned above can include amounts such as: 

  • Postage 
  • Fees for filing court documents 
  • Freedom of information application fees 
  • Barristers’ fees 
  • The cost of obtaining medical or other expert reports to support your case 
  • Travel and accommodation associated with your case 

What do you pay in an unsuccessful No Win No Fee* case? 

Stephen Browne Personal Injury Lawyers will not charge you for legal fees if: 

  • We are unsuccessful in settling your case for compensation 
  • We go to trial and lose 

It’s important that you know that in an unsuccessful case, you could still be out of pocket for:  

  • Our outlays or disbursements 
  • The cost of any settlement or judgement that is awarded against you 
  • The other party’s legal costs 

Why choose Stephen Browne Personal Injury Lawyers? 

Our team of No Win No Fee* lawyers in Perth and WA are committed to providing access to justice through injury compensation. Our first consultation with you is free, and we can meet with you at home or a place you’re comfortable in. Get in touch with our team in Perth or Joondalup to make a time to see us.  

Fighting for compensation for our deserving clients is what drives us. Here are a few of their stories: 

Excellent service from start to finish. Stephen, Bianca, Michelle and Mr. Pratt were upfront from the beginning and always kept me informed throughout the entire process. I was very happy with the whole procedure and the final settlement. I would not hesitate to refer them to anyone. Once again thank you.” – Simon  

What an outstanding, compassionate, hardworking and dedicated team of people that make Stephen Browne Lawyers. I cannot recommend them highly enough and they by far exceeded my expectations with their professionalism.Loreta 

I have received the compensation which is much more than I expected. I still need some exercise for my back, but luckily I have almost recovered 100%. I believe this is a gift from God. Thank you again for your friendly and professional work.” – Sue 

Contact Stephen Browne Personal Injury Lawyers to see how we can help you 

Compensation cases can be complex. The expertise and experience of our No Win No Fee* lawyers will help you secure the best possible outcome. Contact us today to learn about how we can help you with your injury compensation.  

*Conditions apply 

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