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Workplace & Back Injury Compensation in Perth

There are very few things that are more destructive and all-consuming as a back or spinal injury. The level of effect that these injuries have on the simplest of tasks can make every day frustrating. In the workforce, you can suffer a back injury suddenly or over time by fault of repetitive movements and a lack of workplace safety training.

If you’ve found yourself suddenly unable to perform day-to-day tasks, go to work or care for your children, it can be a devastating time for your family. Receiving monetary compensation can help you take care of your family and cover your medical expenses.

Although some industries have a higher rate of back and spinal injuries, this kind of pain is one of the most common in Australia.

High-Risk Industries

New research into back injuries in workplaces has revealed three main categories for high-risk spaces. A commonly unrecognised danger area is the healthcare industry. In these roles, men and women are working demanding hours on their feet, repeatedly lifting patients, moving machinery and are under huge levels of pressure that makes it difficult to remember safety procedures.

Another common tale comes from the construction injury, where workers perform repetitive movements with heavy objects for up to twelve hours a day. A slight slip or incorrect footing can result in weeks of immobility and lost income.

Finally, office workers are at a high risk of neck, back and spinal injuries because of the compression and weight they put on their lower back for long periods of time. Non-ergonomic workspaces are a hotspot for frustrating injuries.

Let Stephen Browne Personal Injury Lawyers Look After You

The best thing about hiring legal assistance from Stephen Browne Personal Injury Lawyers is that if your case isn’t won, you won’t pay a cent. Instead of stressing out about monetary losses being added onto your medical bills, you can rest assured knowing the outcome will only ever benefit you.

Our expert lawyers analyse each case thoroughly to work out the best possible pathway forward. If it doesn’t seem as though compensation is likely, we won’t put you at risk by taking the case to court. Simply booking a consultation and exploring your options can put your mind at ease so you don’t regret not trying for compensation.

Get in Touch Sooner Rather Than Later

Court cases and workers’ compensation issues take time to resolve. The sooner you come and explore your options, the stronger your case will be. The legal professionals at Stephen Browne Personal Injury Lawyers take every back-injury case seriously and treat them with urgency.

To benefit from workplace and back injury compensation, call (08) 9474 5244 or submit the form below and one of our legal experts will get back to you.

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