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What is a personal injury lawyer and do I need one?

Your life can be significantly impacted if you suffer a physical or mental injury because of the negligence or wrongdoing of another. It’s important that you claim the compensation you’re entitled to, to help you manage the impact of the injuries on your life. Here we explain how a personal injury lawyer can help you.

What is a personal injury?

In the legal sense, a personal injaury is a physical or psychological injury caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of a person, entity, or authority. Your personal injury might be from an accident or incident:

The negligence or wrongdoing leading to your personal injury could be by, for example, the driver of a motor vehicle, your employer, or local council responsible for a public space.

Impacts of personal injury

Personal injuries can have a devastating impact, from loss of income or financial hardship to relationship strain and emotional distress. They include both physical and psychological injuries. This is why it’s essential to talk to a personal injury lawyer in Perth, so you can make a claim for the compensation you’re entitled to.

What is a personal injury lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer is a legal professional who helps people who have suffered a physical or psychological personal injury, to seek compensation for those injuries. A good personal injury lawyer will listen to your story and answer any questions you may have. They will help you through each step of the process in making a personal injury compensation claim.

How a personal injury lawyer can help you

Depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled to compensation to help with your injuries. No two personal injury claims are the same. Stephen Browne Personal Injury Lawyers is a personal injury law firm and can help:

  • Review your unique circumstances
  • Advise on what compensation you may be entitled to
  • Navigate the legal framework, time limits, and compensation process
  • Maximize your compensation payout

What kind of personal injury compensation could I be entitled to?

Your entitlement to compensation for your personal injuries depends on your particular circumstances. Compensation could include:

  • Loss of income or earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Psychological trauma
  • Medical and rehabilitation expenses

A personal injury lawyer helps navigate the compensation process

An experienced personal injury lawyer has the resources and expertise needed to handle your claim for personal injury compensation, so that you can focus on recovery.

Gather personal injury documentation

Your accident injury lawyer will efficiently gather the evidence needed to support your personal injury claim. This may include:

  • Police or incident reports
  • Statements of witnesses to your accident
  • Medical records, treatment reports, and expert medical opinions
  • Photographs or film vision of the accident site and your injuries
  • Employment records such as pay slips

Communicate with insurance companies

Stephen Browne Personal Injury Lawyers are experienced in reviewing insurance policy details and in communicating and negotiating with insurance companies. At a sensitive and emotional time, an experienced accident injury lawyer can make all the difference to your personal injury claim.

Prepare legal documentation

Your experienced personal injury lawyer is aware of relevant time limits and will take care of all the legal requirements and correspondence necessary for your personal injuries claim. If formal legal proceedings are commenced, your accident injury lawyer will guide you through the process.

Trusted personal injury lawyers in Western Australia

If you’ve suffered a personal injury, your life could be changed forever. Stephen Browne Personal Injury Lawyers can help you to seek the compensation you deserve for your injuries. If you need assistance with your existing claim, our personal injury lawyers work on a No Win, No Fee*.

Contact our personal injury lawyers in Perth or Joondalup by by phone or make an online enquiry
to see how we can help with your claim.

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